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Enjoy guilt-free bubble tea with the perfect balance of sweetness, texture, and flavor.

Low-Carbs Boba Pearls Made in Singapore

Healthy and Delicious

Guilt-free bubble tea is here with Boba Bubbles. Our low-carb boba bubbles combine the perfect balance of sweetness, texture, and flavor to make an indulgent hot or cold drink. We use natural sweeteners like monk fruit extract and allulose to give you a healthier alternative to sugary boba.

Keto, and Diabetics-Friendly

Our low-carb boba is the perfect way to revolutionize your bubble tea game. Our boba pearls are low-carb, keto, and diabetics-friendly, making them a healthy and delicious option for bubble tea shops. Our boba is made with natural ingredients and has a chewy texture that is sure to please. Enjoy the perfect cup of bubble tea without sacrificing flavor.

Vegan and Allergen Free

Our low-carb boba is vegan-friendly and allergen free, making it a safe and delicious option for everyone. Our boba is free from common allergens such as milk, eggs, wheat, and nuts, so you can enjoy a delicious cup of bubble tea without worrying about any potential allergies.

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Game-Changing Boba Pearls

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